User Scenario & Persona

My target audience is generally the American public and specifically people who might not be informed or even misinformed about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The US is Israel’s biggest ally and sends $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel every year, making Israel the largest recipient of US foreign aid (Madar). In addition, there is also a very powerful pro-Israeli lobby that plays a pivotal role in American politics, influencing America’s foreign policies towards the Israeli occupation, often vetoing sanctions that the international community brings forth against Israeli violations of international law through daily practices. As a result of this heavy political influence, it is less likely for large US media outlets to portray the occupation and current conflict impartially, influencing American public opinion.

User Persona

Tom is a 25 year-old investment banker who works in the financial district in Manhattan. Like many other young Americans, he immigrated to New York to start a successful career. He likes to keep up with the latest news occurring domestically and internationally. He has a few news apps on his smart phone in order to gain different perspectives of the same story. Although he has superficial knowledge of world history and politics, he never studied a specific region in depth, so he is aware of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but not the details of it. He is worlds apart and cannot relate to anything happening in the region, culturally, politically, or geographically. This interactive narrative is for people like him, to make it easier to relate to the conflict, but putting it in an American social and geographical context. 

Below is a link to user scenario video I made for my second prototype user testing.


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