Second Prototype

For my second prototype, I designed a visual from the data I collected on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, as well as the surface area of the enclosed space and mapped the information spatially on the geography of the United States.

I was able to retrieve the settlement data from the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), an organization that compiles reports and data on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and B’tselem, an Israeli human rights NGO that collects data on settlements. Below is a screen shot of the settlement information compiled in a chart by FMEP.


My goal is to visualize the elements of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and violations of international law, like the separation wall, Israeli settlements, and checkpoints, take them out of the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and map them spatially on the United States. I started with a rough sketch below and in the process of building a fictional narrative behind it to create a dystopia that the American audience can relate to, alluding to the laws violated by the Israeli government.






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