What do People Want to Hear?

We were given an hour to answer one of the 40 questions we ask ourselves daily, concerning what we want to do with our projects, and general things we think about. In this hour, we had to create an object, physical or digital, that embodies, or answers that question.


The question that I chose was “What do people want to hear?”

It a question that addresses the idea of the “truth” or what is believed to be “true”. The majority of people would prefer to hear or see what they believe is the truth. Mainstream media outlets cater to that general preference, so often choose to communicate to the public what the latter would like to hear, rather than the whole reality of a situation or conflict.

For this reason, I created a madlib in Javascript that generates possible answers to that question. Below are some random responses you get every time the “Refresh” button is clicked. It creates generic responses in an alternate universe where everyone is carefree and happy. For example, when one is walking down the street, they’d rather hear birds chirping and children laughing, rather than deafening construction work or the annoying honking of cars in traffic.



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